Oh hey, it’s November!


some of my favorite things from around the web.

this watercolor print.

I want to run a marathon next April.  This will probably be me at mile 22.  (photo via long run saturday)

 we might have to make these for our friendsgiving brunch.

The most cut-off man on Earth.

this portrait of Angelina Jolie

This post about communal living was very insightful.

Has anyone else heard of bullet journaling?  I’m intrigued.

I just read an article about this denim brand.  Has one else order jeans from them?

This site will definitely come in handy when cooking and baking.

This shirt.

Oh Hey, it’s October!


Happy Monday everyone!  It was chilly and rainy all weekend, so I spent the majority of it just hanging out with the family aka being lazy.  Here’s a little bit of what I’m looking forward to this month.  Enjoy!


these gourds.

apple-cranberry-pandowdyi think i’m gonna bake this


Still waiting on the fall color to arrive in Michigan.  So i think i’ll go here instead.


It’ll be our third wedding anniversary this month.

via jlbwedding


this outfit

All the plaid.  I’ll take one of each please | It’s Le Crueset’s 90th anniversary | these loafers | fuuuuuur division | more plaid |

Glen Arbor/Sleeping Bear Dunes


There is nothing better than taking a weekend getaway with good friends. Ditch the kids with grandma and grandpa and prepare for a tantrum free weekend. The weather was beautiful!  We even got to go swimming in the lake (which by the way is VERY unusual for this time of year in up-north Michigan).


Friday evening we stayed in and barbecued on the grill.  Unlike most barbecues I have seen this one apparently had a high setting you could set to “surface of the sun” so it cooked fast and with giant plumes of smoke…good smoke though, not “burning your food to charcoal dust” smoke. I made a very simple (but in my humble opinion) extremely delicious tomato salad.  Saturday we got up early, made breakfast and headed out on a 15 mile bike ride.  It’s been a while since I did a 15 mile anything. Did I mention the hills?!?  By the end of the bike ride my quads were reminding me why bikes have gears.  Looks like I need to get back to the gym.  Afterwards, we stopped at this little place in town and got drinks.  Nothing like a cold stout after a hard workout.

When we got back to the cottage Mike insisted that we all go into the lake.  I really didn’t want too and wasn’t very subtle about it as I knew the water would be freezing cold.  After being splashed by my husband for a good five minutes I finally caved and went under.  So glad that I did!


Later on in the evening we headed out to Traverse City and had an amazing meal at Trattoria Stella.  Unfortunately it was too dark in there to take any good pictures of my meal so you’ll just have to take my word that it looked and tasted amazing.


I’ve traveled to many beautiful places but Glen Arbor will always have a special place in my heart.